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Roof Cleaning Las Vegas

The roof is part of the exterior of your home, therefor what it look likes on the outside will make people assume what your house looks like on the inside. Dirt does not only damage your roof’s appearance but also destroys the roof itself.  Your roof is exposed to different types of natural elements every day, it is prone to get dirty or rusted. With the right help from Las Vegas Roofers, you’ll save your future self a hassle.

Roof Cleaning Las Vegas

Harsh weather like rain, snow, hail, tornadoes, etc. could test your roof’s performance. By the strong wind and rain, many natural elements will get stuck on your roof. Elements like leaves, twigs, sticks, water, and many more. These elements may look harmless for your eyes, but they could actually cause some minor damages to your roof. And these minor damages could turn into major damages as time goes by.

Many people neglect the care of their roofs. Since it is not an easy job and requires special knowledge, tool, and materials that are not often seen and needed inside a household. Many roofing services are in your area but be careful who to trust. Getting your roof fixed is not cheap so might as well choose the most legit and trusted roofer. I suggest Las Vegas Roofers, they know exactly what to do with your roof.

What Causes Damage To Your Roof?

    • Moss- is a type of plant usually seen in cold or damp places. It grows on your roof because of constant raining and wind carrying some dirt and particles in the air that could get on your roof and develops moss over time.

    • Algae- a bacteria that grows on shaded parts of your roof that causes discoloration on the area. Just like moss, algae also develops from constant raining and particles being carried by the wind to your roof causing the bacteria to grow. This type grows rapidly and is invasive and could transfer from one roof to another.

    • Lichens- this type of organism is produced when moss and algae combine. Lichen is harder to remove from the roof because it penetrates deep and could grow back to its place when humidity and rain started again.

Although it rains and some dirt and debris are being washed off from your roof, it is not enough to deep clean the area. The following are dirt that needs manpower or some type of tools to clean it.

Why Cleaning it Yourself is Not Enough

Bacteria and fungus mentioned above are very hard to remove. In some cases, other people will use a pressured wash system to remove dirt from their roof. But did you know? Without proper knowledge of using the pressured wash system, it could also damage your roof. They require proper procedures and tools & equipment to fully remove them from your roof. Roof cleaning is important in maintaining your roof’s life span.

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