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Roof Re-Roofing Las Vegas

Are you experiencing problems with your roof right now? Is it because of a leaking ceiling or a moldy roof? Worry no more! Whatever is it, we are probably sure you have one. Our team in Las Vegas Roofers has done it right for years. Getting your roof re-roofed is your way to go!

Roof Re-Roofing Las Vegas

Whether you have heard of re-roofing or not, it’s important to know if your roof needs it and what it does. Re-roofing is the process of adding a new layer of shingles on top of already existing ones. If your roof is in overall good shape and has no major water damage, missing or, soggy shingles or, your contractor has deemed it unnecessary to completely remove your roof, then this is the right path for you to go.

Avoid re-roofing only small parts of your roof too because this only works better if you do the entire roof. Sagging or rot that happens on the inside part of the roof is not visible so this is not a good idea to follow.

Pros and Cons of Re-Roofing


    • Since re-roofing doesn’t need extensive labor, time, or materials, it is a cheaper way to get your roof repaired.

    • Re-Roofing doesn’t require to replace your whole roof. Only the damaged ones that is why it will get faster to finish.


    • In re-roofing, we only place one shingle to another that is why the major damages below will never be fixed.

    • Re-Roofing is not permanent.

    • Re-Roofing is has a shorten life span than getting it repaired 

    • It is not recommended to re-roofing because of metal

Re-roofing can also be done if there is only one layer of the roof in place. If you, or any willing contractor, tales the risk and adds another layer then you might not be able to drive the nail deep enough into the foundation and your roof will not be held in place properly. Hen this happens, a strong gust of wind might easily blow your roof away.

Re-roofing however can strengthen your roof when done right. Adding a second layer of shingles will add another layer of strength and support to your roof. Do not underestimate the damage tough storms can cause and will cause. Adding a second layer of the roofing will double your protection against it.

Re-roofing is a quick and relatively easy task to do and it is also very inexpensive. Most of the tedious process comes from overhauling your roof, re-roofing will cut the time in half, causes far less mess and noise and you can get a brand new looking roof that will be easier to maintain.

Long story short, re-roofing is not for every roof. That is why for your roof re-roofing Las Vegas needs, get in touch with Roofer Las Vegas for a free evaluation today!

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